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Neighbourhood Energy

Wangaratta Sustainability Network (WSN) will commence its ‘Neighbourhood Energy’ program with a drop-in session next Wednesday June 26th from 1-4 pm at Open Door Neighbourhood House. Anyone may come along to have a conversation about practical energy saving tips in the home. There will be assistance to use Energy Compare and claim the $50 bonus back from the Victorian Energy Compare scheme – to do this you will need to bring a full copy of a recent gas or electricity bill.

All are welcome and afternoon tea will be provided.

WSN Secretary Rowan O’Hagan said ‘This is a great opportunity to learn about saving energy, cutting your power bills and receiving a bonus back. You can call in anytime during the afternoon and WSN members will be there to assist.’

Following  this,  on  Wednesday  July  3  from  5.30  –  7  pm,  again  at  Open  Door,  there  will  be  an introduction to solar and renewable energy solutions for households, whether renting or owning your own home, and the options available for assistance. A light supper and soup will be available.

On Wednesday July 10, there will be ’Renewable Energy Future’ evening discussion on the opportunities for everyone to be part of the change to cleaner renewable energy, with soup and supper provided  see

Wangaratta Sustainability Network has received funding from the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Environment through the Community Renewable Energy Hume Mini-grants Scheme to conduct this program.

 For further information, contact Open Door Neighbourhood House at 61 Burke St, Yarrunga on 5721 9175 or Rowan O’Hagan on 0427 331 598 or email

Hume Region Renewable Energy Roadmap Survey
The Hume region renewable energy Roadmap is working with individuals, communities, business and industries to support the Goulburn Valley and North East Victoria to embrace the renewable energy transformation of our electricity system.
The uptake of renewable energy in Hume region has the potential for significant economic, social and environmental benefits. The Hume Roadmap will help identify these opportunities with our communities who have strong ties to this region . Completing our survey will help the Hume Roadmap represent the voice of the community, its values, identify local barriers and issues, and what the community expects from the renewable energy transition.…/hume
The Hume region renewable energy Roadmap is working with individuals,…


This is an opportunity for us all to refocus on the amount of single use plastic in our daily lives, to set new goals for reducing it, & to learn & share new alternatives.

* Check out the website

-you can register for one week to the whole month & beyond

- there are plenty of tips & ideas to help you get started or motivate you to keep going

- let others know -  it’s more fun to share the journey


* Learn about your “Local Heroes”

 -check out the Wangaratta Chronicle, every Wednesday in July

 - stories about local people who are committed to reducing plastic pollution

* “Life of a Water Bottle” competition – see details on website

* July 6 & 24– Kiosk in Wang CBD, Boomerang Bags –washable fabric bags for general shopping & fruit & veggies, pouches for reusable take away cutlery & more(all from recycled fabric)

* July 13 – Wangaratta Farmers Market(at Cathedral) – including – Boomerang Bags, Repair Café, Waste Wise displays of alternatives to single use plastic, NE Water “Drink Tap”(say no to bottled water), & a Clean Up litter event ( details to come)

* Wangaratta Library display on “Choose to Refuse” single use plastics

* Post Office Arcade display July 16 – August 6

If you’d like to be involved, or have any queries –

Contact  - Ann Brain : 0402 207 346, Email  -

Check our FACEBOOK PAGE for Fruit Fly Free Wangaratta

Fruit Tree Removal
Over the next few weeks local residents can have old fruit tree removed as part of the Fruit Fly Control project at no cost.   Over the summer months Wangaratta Sustainability Network in partnership with Farmers Market have been providing Fruit Fly Traps and other general information to assist back yard gardeners control fruit fly.   Following on from this, the opportunity is now available to have neglected and unwanted fruit trees removed from private properties.  According to Mark Townsend of Wangaratta Sustainability Network, “Feral and neglected fruit trees are a problem as they harbour fruit fly and create a problem for others in the neighbourhood who are keen gardeners and doing the right thing to control fruit fly.  At times these might be large old trees that have grown to a size where they cannot be managed.   Also when a property changes hand or there are new tenants, the existing fruit trees can become a management problem for them.  
Funding to assist fruit fly control locally has come from the Victorian Government and the tree removal will be done by a professional crew.  This removal of unwanted back yard fruit trees has been successfully undertaken in the Moira Shire as part of a strategy to protect the local fruit industry. 
If you have fruit trees that need to be removed, send an email to    or register your details on
For any queries contact Mark Townsend on 0428 138 458

 Fruit  Fly  Control  Plan

Home gardeners are encouraged to become involved

The Farmers Market in partnership with Wangaratta Sustainability Network have received funding to assist in controlling fruit fly.
The types of activities include:
  • Having experts provide information at public forums, look out for them, eg: Wangaratta Show and Nature Day 10th Nov
  • Support is available with free Fruit Fly Traps in participating neighbourhoods of Wangaratta.
  • Facebook Page will be set up so people can report FF activity
  • Remove neglected and unwanted trees (assistance available)
  • Provide printed information via garden nurseries and RCOW
Whole neighbourhoods are encouraged to be involved and extra support can be provided to assist your active neighbourhood. It is difficult for backyard gardeners to control fruit fly alone.
Email : and ask if your neighbourhood can be involved.
For updated information: 


Recently Kelvin and Paul from WSN visited two dams in South Wangaratta after the owners reported having carp in them. 
Both dams were dragnetted with one dam yielding 19 carp and the other five carp (one heavily egg laden). 
If you suspect you have carp in your dam you can contact Kelvin Berry on 0407 805 670.


Many thanks to Toil and Soil for the use of a 3 ton tipper and Hansons for donation of rocks for a Borinya students project.


Pic of the Crop
Competition Winners
From Wangaratta Chronicle 2nd May 2018

Something Fishy
Wangaratta Chronicle article 28 March 2018


For photographers 18 years and under

Wangaratta Chronicle article 5 March 2018

Rural City of Wangaratta Local Enviro Events 2018

Student Environment Day held in Wangaratta

· Overall a great day. The children love SEED Day & gain a lot from the presenters.

· It was a fantastic day! Activities were extremely relevant & the children were really engaged.
· Great selection of workshops. Loved having secondary students also part of the day.
· Great Day!
· Students enjoyed practical activities and being able to participate in different events.
· A fantastic interactive day. Well organised and resourced.

The shopping aspect was
· A great comparative task that provided an awareness of the environmental impact of waste.

Business Benefits of Climate Change Forum

The recently held forum in Wangaratta involved respected, knowledgeable and interesting speakers.  Seven presenters have kindly agreed to having their talks available to view here or on the Climate Change tag above.

Macquarrie Perch Release

Article and Photo DELWP Hume
More than 8000 Macquarie Perch fingerlings were released into the Ovens River between Wangaratta and Whorouly on Tuesday (31 January) in another boost for the nationally threatened species.
This unique project involves several government agencies and the community including local schools, and hopes to re-establish a viable self-sustaining population in the Ovens catchment.
The program has been accelerated over five years instead of 10 by also including the translocation of larger fish from Dartmouth Dam as well as the fingerlings reared at the Fisheries Victoria hatchery at Snobs Creek.
Prior to the 1950s MacPerch were abundant in the Ovens River but were considered extinct before this re-introduction program commenced.
Pictured: Ian Davidson (Ovens Landcare Network), Huiking Ho (Fisheries Victoria), and Tony Lane and Kelvin Berry from Wangaratta Sustainability Network, and landholder Paul Kneebone.
North East CMA Native Fish Australia Rural City of Wangaratta Alpine Shire Council

Wangaratta Sustainability Network is a Founding Partner of TAKE2 and encourages other organisations and individuals to make their TAKE2 pledge at and then choose the climate change actions they will take to do their part.

Check out these videos from DELWP, which feature the partnership with WSN
Carp Removal



Fish boost for Ovens
Article from Wangaratta Chronicle 25 January 2016

Article from Border Mail re Wangaratta Sustainability Network's  Climate  Action Group.
This article has information about the presentation of our climate change petition to Cathy McGowan  on November 8 and attending the People's Climate Change March on November 27.

Click on this link to read the article:
Did you miss the North East Victorian Carp Conference?
Click on the links below to get some of the important information shared.


The Mullinmur Billabongs area, On Galen College land has been revitalized.
From Wangaratta Chronicle Monday 18 May 2015

Please click on the link to view a new video showcasing the collaborative multi-agency & community project helping to re-establish the Macquarie Perch into the Ovens.
By Diane Farmer
The FeralFishScan is a new resource that was demonstrated by Peter West from Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre (IACRC) on Friday the 24th April at the Ovens River, Tarrawingee. The FeralFishScan is a mapping resource for communities to track and record the presence of pest fish species in our waterways.  Wangaratta Sustainability Network– Restoring Our Waterways (WSN) has been heavily involved in the removal of Carp from our waterways and this resource is going to be a fantastic tool for local members of the community to assist WSN – ROW with our Carp Removal Programs that have been taking place over the past four years. It will assist us in knowing what areas to target next Summer and in the future and will help us to put in place and achieve our effective three year management plan”.
In May, WSN will be releasing a full report on our Carp Removal Program which has taken place over the past few years, and will include the number of Carp removed from our local Rivers and Creeks, and the weight transport to NutriSoil for recycling, which will astound you.
By entering your data into the FeralFishScan you will help WSN plan future management control of Carp in our local area. The mapping of carp spawning sites is particularly important for controlling their numbers, and this data entered will be helping WSN – ROW to map feral fish hotspots, identify breeding sites, and control feral fish in our local area.

Kelvin Berry WSN – ROW Fishing Coordinator along with other WSN-ROW members  attended the FeralFishScan Launch Event on to ensure we gain all the necessary information about the FeralFishScan that was presentef by Peter West from IACRC.

There is always something happening to control feral fish locally and you can learn about current programs and how you can get involved by checking out the Wangaratta Sustainability Network’s website: WSN - ROW are always looking for new members and volunteers to help with our programs.

Tim McCurdy MLA,  also attended this community event.
For more information about our Carp removal programs in schools, Carp Musters and other activities contact
Diane Farmer on 0439020448 or
Kelvin Berry on 0407805670 or

Wangaratta Chronicle  (Mon 27 April 2015)
Macquarie Perch Released Into Ovens River

Wangaratta Chronicle (Fri Feb 20) 
Ridding River of Pest Fish

Reaching Beyond Demonstration Reaches project videos

Find more information about this exciting project on the 

Restoring Our Waterways page.

click here

Drone camera in action on the Uppper Murumbidgee demo reach

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