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Wangaratta Sustainability Network (WSN) will commence its ‘Neighbourhood Energy’ program with a drop-in session next Wednesday June 26th from 1-4 pm at Open Door Neighbourhood House. Anyone may come along to have a conversation about practical energy saving tips in the home. There will be assistance to use Energy Compare and claim the $50 bonus back from the Victorian Energy Compare scheme – to do this you will need to bring a full copy of a recent gas or electricity bill. https://compare.energy.vic.gov.au/

All are welcome and afternoon tea will be provided.

WSN Secretary Rowan O’Hagan said ‘This is a great opportunity to learn about saving energy, cutting your power bills and receiving a bonus back. You can call in anytime during the afternoon and WSN members will be there to assist.’

Following  this,  on  Wednesday  July  3  from  5.30  –  7  pm,  again  at  Open  Door,  there  will  be  an introduction to solar and renewable energy solutions for households, whether renting or owning your own home, and the options available for assistance. A light supper and soup will be available.

On Wednesday July 10, there will be ’Renewable Energy Future’ evening discussion on the opportunities for everyone to be part of the change to cleaner renewable energy, with soup and supper provided  see www.wangarattasustainability.org

Wangaratta Sustainability Network has received funding from the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Environment through the Community Renewable Energy Hume Mini-grants Scheme to conduct this program.

 For further information, contact Open Door Neighbourhood House at 61 Burke St, Yarrunga on 5721 9175 or Rowan O’Hagan on 0427 331 598 or email wangarattasustainability@mail.com

Hume Region Renewable Energy Roadmap Survey
The Hume region renewable energy Roadmap is working with individuals, communities, business and industries to support the Goulburn Valley and North East Victoria to embrace the renewable energy transformation of our electricity system.
The uptake of renewable energy in Hume region has the potential for significant economic, social and environmental benefits. The Hume Roadmap will help identify these opportunities with our communities who have strong ties to this region . Completing our survey will help the Hume Roadmap represent the voice of the community, its values, identify local barriers and issues, and what the community expects from the renewable energy transition.

The Hume region renewable energy Roadmap is working with individuals,…

The Victorian Government sponsored website http://www.switchon.vic.gov.au/ provides links through 'switch on Victoria = take charge of your power bill' to a number of issues relating to power use, savings, time of use, smart meters, appliance costs etc.


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