Restoring Our Waterways


Recently Kelvin and Paul from WSN visited two dams in South Wangaratta after the owners reported having carp in them. 
Both dams were dragnetted with one dam yielding 19 carp and the other five carp (one heavily egg laden). 
If you suspect you have carp in your dam you can contact Kelvin Berry on 0407 805 670.


Macquarrie Perch Release

Article and Photo DELWP Hume
More than 8000 Macquarie Perch fingerlings were released into the Ovens River between Wangaratta and Whorouly in another boost for the nationally threatened species.
This unique project involves several government agencies and the community including local schools, and hopes to re-establish a viable self-sustaining population in the Ovens catchment.
The program has been accelerated over five years instead of 10 by also including the translocation of larger fish from Dartmouth Dam as well as the fingerlings reared at the Fisheries Victoria hatchery at Snobs Creek.
Prior to the 1950s MacPerch were abundant in the Ovens River but were considered extinct before this re-introduction program commenced.
Pictured: Ian Davidson (Ovens Landcare Network), Huiking Ho (Fisheries Victoria), and Tony Lane and Kelvin Berry from Wangaratta Sustainability Network, and landholder Paul Kneebone.
North East CMA Native Fish Australia Rural City of Wangaratta Alpine Shire Council


 How to use the “Feral Fish Scan”

Go to and register your details – or click here to register

Record your sightings on the Carp Map here..
You can also download a free Mobile Phone App (Apple iOS/Android) to record your sightings and captures, directly from the riverbank. 

Click here for Android devices, and  here for Apple devices, or go to the FeralFishScan full website homepage.
Delivery of Carp:
If you want to have your carp counted as part of the Summer Carp Muster and potential prizes , they must be delivered to Wareena Park Hall in Swan St Wangaratta. Kelvin Berry will be there to measure the carp and put them in the freezer. Later they go to Nutrisoil to be turned into fertilizer and compost. Fish do not need to be delivered on the day theyare caught as they will keep for 24 hours.
Contact Kelvin on 0407 805 670 regarding drop off times. 

Other Information:
The participants agree that Wangaratta Sustainability Network, its organisers & volunteers will not be liable for:
Injuries sustained by the participant.
Lost or damaged property owned by, or in the possession of the participant.
Participants will:
Take reasonable care for their own safety and that of others, wear sturdy enclosed footwear & watch out for snakes.
Comply with State of Victoria’s fishing methods & legal requirements. In late January there will be an event to highlight the results on Australia Day. 

Further information phone: Kelvin 0407 805 670 

or Tony 0417 378 983


Check out the latest videos from DELWP, which feature the partnership with WSN
Carp Removal




Fish boost for Ovens
Article from Wangaratta Chronicle 25 January 2016


Did you miss the North East Victorian Carp Conference?
Click on the links below to get some of the important information shared.

Wangaratta Sustainability Network's Carp removal program presented by Tony Lane & Kelvin Berry at the North East Victorian Carp Conference 2015

Carp Report Carp Removal Program 2012-2015

Please view the video  below showcasing the collaborative multi-agency & community project helping to re-establish the Macquarie Perch into the Ovens.



By Diane Farmer

The FeralFishScan is a new resource that was demonstrated by Peter West from Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre (IACRC) on Friday the 24th April at the Ovens River, Tarrawingee. The FeralFishScan is a mapping resource for communities to track and record the presence of pest fish species in our waterways.  Wangaratta Sustainability Network– Restoring Our Waterways (WSN) has been heavily involved in the removal of Carp from our waterways and this resource is going to be a fantastic tool for local members of the community to assist WSN – ROW with our Carp Removal Programs that have been taking place over the past four years. It will assist us in knowing what areas to target next Summer and in the future and will help us to put in place and achieve our effective three year management plan”.
In May, WSN will be releasing a full report on our Carp Removal Program which has taken place over the past few years, and will include the number of Carp removed from our local Rivers and Creeks, and the weight transport to NutriSoil for recycling, which will astound you.
By entering your data into the FeralFishScan you will help WSN plan future management control of Carp in our local area. The mapping of carp spawning sites is particularly important for controlling their numbers, and this data entered will be helping WSN – ROW to map feral fish hotspots, identify breeding sites, and control feral fish in our local area.
Kelvin Berry WSN – ROW Fishing Coordinator along with other WSN-ROW members  attended the FeralFishScan Launch Event on to ensure we gain all the necessary information about the FeralFishScan that was presentef by Peter West from IACRC.
There is always something happening to control feral fish locally and you can learn about current programs and how you can get involved by checking out the Wangaratta Sustainability Network’s website: WSN - ROW are always looking for new members and volunteers to help with our programs.
Tim McCurdy MLA,  also attended this community event.
For more information about our Carp removal programs in schools, Carp Musters and other activities contact
Diane Farmer on 0439020448 or
Kelvin Berry on 0407805670 or

Wangaratta Chronicle  (Mon 27 April 2015)
Macquarie Perch Released Into Ovens River

Wangaratta Chronicle (Fri Feb 2015) 
Ridding River of Pest Fish

Keep Australia Beautiful Award

Di Farmer has been receiving many accolades for taking out the Keep Australia Beautiful Award, Tidy Towns ‘Sustainable Communities Awards 2014 – Community Action Leadership(above 3000) Here is a copy of one of them:-
Hi everyone

We would just like to congratulate and acknowledge our very own Di Farmer and her Carp Muster Project for taking out the Keep Australia Beautiful Award, Tidy Towns ‘Sustainable Communities Awards 2014 – Community Action 
Leadership(above 3000) on Saturday night at the Wangaratta Performing Art Centre.

The Centre’s Act Belong Commit Program supported Di and the Carp Muster in her inaugural year to assist develop this project which has since gone from strength to strength!

Keep up the fantastic work Di – you are an inspiration and tireless community volunteer who deserves the recognition for all the work you do in our community.

Please join me in congratulating Di and check out some happy snaps from the event.
Well done! J

Jen & Linda

Jennifer Johnstone
Regional Sport & Recreation Program Coordinator
Good Sports Project Officer
Act Belong Commit Project Officer

Reaching Beyond Demonstration Reaches project videos

Media Release
New insights revealed into river restoration projects Six new videos have been produced to provide an insight into the importance of local community involvement in helping restore native fish numbers.

Department of Primary Industries (DPI) Regional Officer, Anthony Townsend, said the Reaching Beyond Demonstration Reaches videos will give the community a better understanding of the success and challenges of river rehabilitation projects.

“This amazing footage gives viewers a unique bird’s eye view of the Murray-Darling Basin, showing how our waterways interact with the broader landscape,” Mr Townsend said.

“The experiences and achievements of different communities in restoring fish habitat are captured on video on waterways across the Murray-Darling, from the Ovens River in Victoria through to the Condamine River in Queensland, showing that no system is immune and all communities can play a vital role in bringing back native fish.

“The videos focus on individual demonstration reach projects within the Murray-Darling Basin and use amazing footage, captured by a drone camera at times.

“Demonstration reaches were a key theme of the Murray-Darling Basin Native Fish Strategy and reveal how river rehabilitation can be achieved through the integration of multiple actions.”

Mr Townsend said the success of the riverine restoration projects was due to key partnerships between local landholders, volunteers, school groups, recreational fishers, scientists and government organisations.

“The videos will hopefully inspire other local communities to get involved in river restoration projects and take ownership of their own local patch for the benefit of fish and future generations,” Mr Townsend said.

Mr Townsend said, “Community and Action = More Fish” is the compelling take home message from each video.

This project was enabled through funding from the Murray-Darling Basin Authority’s joint funding program.
Drone camera in action on the Uppper Murumbidgee demo reach