Waste Wise Wangaratta

The new WWW group encompasses Boomerang Bags, Repair Cafe, Responsible Cafes, Plastic Wise & Wangaratta Farmers Market. Anyone wanting to find out more can contact Ann Brain mob. 0402207346 or join our Facebook group facebook.com/groups/wastewisewangaratta

Toy train and wrapped presents at the foot of a decorated Christmas tree We have all had the experience of being given something don't want, like or need. And while there are ways to dispose of these items sustainably – such as re-gifting or donating them to charity shops – a great deal of time, energy and resources have gone into the production of these items. Sustainable gifting minimises the amount of unwanted gifts and waste associated with these gifts.
This link from Sustainability Victoria has some great ideas for sustainable gift shopping.
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Let's have a waste wise Christmas
Wangaratta Chronicle article 13 Dec 2017

Wangaratta Waste Wise
Article from Wangaratta Chronicle 10 Nov 2017